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About the Book


This or That? is a fun way to better know yourself and others. Enjoy it on a road trip, when hanging out with friends, at school or camp, as an office icebreaker, or after dinner with family. 

With over 200 choices, many with unique, hand-drawn watercolor illustrations by Helen Granger, This or That? is a way to engage with others -- device-free

A wide variety of categories - such as entertainment, places, food & drink, people, and abstract viewpoints - pave the way for countless hours of enjoyment and discovery.

  • Created and printed in the USA (on the South Coast of Massachusetts)
  • 4 in x 6 in/10.16 cm x 15.24 cm
  • Full color throughout
  • 224 pages
  • High-quality 80# paper
  • Hand-drawn, unique watercolor illustrations




We’ve been together a long time but we’re still learning about each other by playing This or That.  It’s the perfect conversation starter, even when you think you know someone very well.  -- Nate and Ashley

Even though the book isn’t necessarily geared to children, our children love playing This or That.  If they don’t understand a question we just move to the next one or we explain what the question means.  It brings us together as a family and we’re having lots of fun! -- Alex and Emma

I wanted to tell you how much we all loved interacting with This or That?.

I say interacting because I feel, as you intended, that your little book is really powerful and so much more than a game. We all loved the dimension of trying to predict what the other players would choose, especially those we think we know so well.

I also think that the special appeal of this book is the range of questions - humorous as well as thought-provoking, light-hearted as well as deeply philosophical. -- Madeleine

Our family loved playing This or That after Thanksgiving dinner.  Instead of the usual talk that can separate people, we felt more connected, which is the real meaning behind getting together as family. -- Michael and Liz

Cute and beautiful images.  Perfect size.  Excellent quality.  Great way to learn about others and even yourself! -- Nicole

My friends and I were amazed that we really did forget about being on our phones for a while by playing This or That.  So much fun! -- Jessica

I love how the questions naturally prompt people to tell stories of their experiences and why they relate more to one or the other.  It’s opened my mind to other people’s opinions because I better understand their perspective! -- Chris

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About the Author


Sandi Montour is a lifelong adventurer, and her insatiable curiosity has been the driving force behind her explorations and discoveries. From a childhood spent building tree houses, riding her bicycle, and reading — and dreaming — about faraway, magical lands, to chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland, riding camels in Egypt and elephants in Thailand, trekking through the jungle in Costa Rica, and pursuing dozens of other excursions throughout the globe as an adult, her key goals in life have been to seek adventure and make a difference.  

For the record, Sandi chooses a PB&J over a BLT, a daisy over a rose and a sandcastle over a snowman.  

Connect with Sandi at

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